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Christmas always creeps up on me. First before our own family’s plans, there is the business of making paintings and cards to sell. This ought to be done in the height of summer, but at that point my head is hooked on meadows and blue skies. So each Autumn, as the clocks change, the evenings are darker and there is a chill in the air there is a crazy time of winter themed doodling. This year I’ve been led back to my black paper, and white gouache. These angels have appeared from somewhere. Possibly they were there all the time, but just became visible.

This exhibition came and went in a flash! Rachel Rogers and I paired up for a joint exhibition at Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln. It’s a huge space to fill but we worked madly for the months leading up to the show and it was a fantastic experience. Some good sales, especially pleased that my new screen prints are off to a flying start!

So excited to share some images of the opening of my solo exhibition ‘Light’ at Harding House Gallery last Saturday! Despite the wet weather some lovely visitors, a few good sales and very positive comments from everyone! Now a few hours to put my feet up before I begin the next new piece…

Almost ready for my exhibition which opens next Saturday April 28th!

I’m making the final preparations for my upcoming solo show ‘Light’ which opens on April 28th! Not long now…Harding House Upper Gallery, Steep Hill, Lincoln. 28th April – 2nd June 2018.
I’ll also be making an appearance in next month’s Bailgate Independent, so if you are in the Lincoln area do pick one up and have a read. (That’s a disturbingly large photo of me!) #bailgateindependent

A little taster of new work I’m making for an exhibition in May this year…

I’m working on a commission piece now, almost finished. It’s a familiar subject, I’ve painted it many many times, but something keeps drawing me back to it. Aside from the fact I can’t physically avoid the views of the Cathedral living here, there is an ongoing challenge to painting it, which keeps me looking, questioning and somehow attempting to understand and represent it in paint.

This is the final image of the secret commission I painted last year. It was for a surprise Christmas gift. The family pet ‘Billy’ on Robin Hood’s Bay beach.

I’ve had this image in my mind and keen to get it on canvas for weeks now. This is my favourite of Lincoln Cathedral’s doorways, the Judgement Porch Door, and I’ve painted it many times in different light. I’ll be taking it down to Harding House Gallery on Steep Hill soon…

This painting of the walk down from Mam Tor in Derbyshire sold this week- after much admiration. I’m kind of sad to see it go, but happily I met the customer, and now I have a good reason to go back to one of my favourite parts of the country!

After a busy few weeks preparing for Christmas here is a little taster of what I’ve been working on. Cathedral miniatures, Christmas cards for Harding House Gallery’s ‘Feast!’ show and a lovely little watercolour of some deer at Wollaton Hall. Oh, and a commission in amongst that too, but that’s a Christmas secret…

A gorgeous sunny Sunday morning spent painting at Hall Farm, Harpswell. The tall scabious at the back of the meadow are stunning!

A watercolour/pencil piece from our Yorkshire trip. Love the bright greens this time of year!

These new paintings are showing at Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre until May 2nd. I’ve used pastel and gouache on black paper. I’m really liking working on a dark ground!

I’ve been busy with a couple of commissions and in between searching for sunshine and bright skies!
I’ve also been experimenting with painting on a dark ground. So blocking the canvas with dark purples and greys and then using my favourite whites and lilacs to emphasise the bright contrasts you see at this time of year. I used the dark ground in both these pieces. The Staithes beach is oil on board for a change from my usual acrylic, and again the buttery texture is what I love about oils.

Wintery work…Bit chilly and frosty out there this morrning!

My radio debut! A great opportunity to talk about my work and hopefully get some new people to look at my work

I’m a member at Harding House Gallery, Lincoln, and twice yearly we change the whole gallery around, and get a new space for our work. Today was ‘change round’ day, and this is my new space!

Perfect for a sunny day!

Some new work to share with you. I’m getting a few pieces ready for our Harding House Gallery summer show, quite excited about this as it’s about one of my favourite subjects, the seaside!