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Here are some of my new little screen prints which I‘m developing at the moment. This is a follow on from a lovely weekend spent printing last spring at WYPW with Clare Caulfield. Two of these little prints are already at Lincoln‘s Harding House Gallery. I’ve made these around 6“ x 4“ (inches, did I use the correct mark?) I‘m really enjoying working in a totally new way, although layers of colour have always been part of my work. I‘m definitely still a painter but printing is such a different process, it‘s refreshing and sometimes you need to vary things!

I’ve had a bit more time to explore screen printing this week. Trying to figure out what colours work in advance rather than doing it intuitively as I paint is interesting!

This exhibition came and went in a flash! Rachel Rogers and I paired up for a joint exhibition at Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln. It’s a huge space to fill but we worked madly for the months leading up to the show and it was a fantastic experience. Some good sales, especially pleased that my new screen prints are off to a flying start!