Contemporary British Painter


Wintery work…Bit chilly and frosty out there this morrning!

My radio debut! A great opportunity to talk about my work and hopefully get some new people to look at my work

I’m a member at Harding House Gallery, Lincoln, and twice yearly we change the whole gallery around, and get a new space for our work. Today was ‘change round’ day, and this is my new space!

Perfect for a sunny day!

Some new work to share with you. I’m getting a few pieces ready for our Harding House Gallery summer show, quite excited about this as it’s about one of my favourite subjects, the seaside!

On our last morning in Derbyshire, the light was so beautiful as the sun cast its glow across the hills. I painted this diptych to try and capture a fleeting moment. So quickly the clouds changed the colours dramatically.

I am working on my landscapes of Derbyshire in preparation for Fools and Angels show at Belper in May. This large one (1m square) is in progress…

My post Mother’s Day blooms..

“Gill Vines Walther has painted a most wonderful and exquisite portrait of (the sitter) in water colours as a commissioned present for my birthday. Capturing a likeness in both the physical and the unmistakable spirit… The wash of colour is vividly alive and at different times of the day transforms almost photographic at time. Thank you to both model and artist x”

Details of this morning’s painting. A portrait commission for a special birthday. Three and a half hours intense scrutinising of the model. Model and artist very happy. We will see what the recipient thinks!

‘Colour love’
Bit obsessive at the moment. Exploring colours, layering paint, watercolour, gouache, acrylics. Intense colour is the thing!

Exploring layers of watercolour for different subjects. I’m really enjoying watercolour. Having been a mainly canvas painter for the past 15 years I’m surprising myself at how well watercolour works for me.
Years ago I ‘almost’ won a prize for best watercolour for a portrait of my mother. The catch was the portrait was painted in oil… But, now I’m exploring what it was about the style that had the feel of watercolour.

Daughter of the artist…

My portrait project continues…

I love painting portraits. I have an idea for a large painting of my daughter, but for now I am exploring smaller studies of her.

So in quick succession, and in a cold and grey January I sold my Stag oil on canvas, and a few days later I replaced it with the painting above of our beautiful Cathedral lit up at night. To my surprise within a couple of days during the quietest month, post Christmas, that sold and now I am working hard in my chilly studio to replace that one too. Luckily I have ‘momentum’ and plenty of work, and ideas to keep me busy. The latest Cathedral is pretty much complete and will be hanging in my space at Harding House Gallery soon…